Four Seasons Lodge | North Conway, New Hampshire

Property Spotlight
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May 4, 2018

We’re excited to feature the Four Seasons Lodge in North Conway, New Hampshire as our second Property Spotlight!

Teena has been the owner and manager of Four Seasons since before the term “vacation rentals” even existed. Today, the Four Seasons Lodge ranks #1 in search results and provides a unique vacation experience.

Continue reading to learn about the Four Seasons Lodge and its features!

Why did you pursue a career in the vacation rental industry?

25 years ago, I rented Four Seasons Lodge and fell in love! We had such a fantastic time during our vacation. The indoor pool and sauna weatherproofed our trip, so we always had fun. Plus there was plenty of rooms for all of us.

4 months after our vacation, I purchased the Four Seasons Lodge.
Four Seasons Lodge, North Conway NH - Exterior View - Futurestay

What influenced you to choose your specific rental location?

North Conway, New Hampshire is the center of the Universe! In my opinion, it’s the best of all worlds.

Four Seasons Lodge, North Conway NH - Fields

We have every outdoor activity you can imagine: world class outlet shopping, great theater, fantastic restaurants, the best foliage in the country. There are scenic vistas all around, tons of covered bridges, golfing for all abilities, wonderful snowmobiling, 5 major ski mountains, and me — to show you around!

Four Seasons Lodge, North Conway NH - Winter - Futurestay

What makes your property unique compared to other rentals?

We are a one-of-a-kind vacation rental in New England. The Four Seasons Lodge has a heated indoor pool, toasty sauna, 10 bedrooms, and private location. Have fun playing foosball and the Wii, singing karaoke, and much more!

Four Seasons Lodge, Indoor Pool - Futurestay

What is your best or most rewarding memory as a vacation rental owner?

Hosting a weekend getaway for a little girl that had terminal cancer. She spent (in her words) the best time of her life with her family and friends!

Four Seasons Lodge, Outdoor Patio

What are your hopes/goals for your business’s future?

Even though I’ve owned Four Seasons Lodge for 25 years, my plan is to continue welcoming happy guests for 25 more.

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