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About Futurestay

Who is Futurestay?

Futurestay is the essential tool for rentrepreneurs. It provides advanced features to boost your online presence, process direct website payments, and efficiently manage reservations.

What type of properties does Futurestay support?

Futurestay supports property owners and managers who list whole homes for short term rental.

Property examples include house, apartment, condo, cabin, guest house, cottage, farm, tiny house, loft, chalet and so much more!

Futurestay does not currently support shared spaces or non-permanent structures such as campsites/tents, boats/houseboats, RV/campers.

Does Futurestay support properties located outside the US?

Currently, we exclusively serve customers with properties located in the United States.

If your properties are outside the US, feel free to contact us at to be added on our International waitlist.


How does the Futurestay direct booking website work?

Answer a few simple questions about your property and let our website builder do the rest!

Futurestay’s direct booking websites provide you with the ability to showcase your property on Google Vacation Rentals and securely accept and manage commission-free bookings.

Check out this mobile friendly website:

DesertyRoose Rentals

What is Smart Rates?

Smart Rates is Futurestay's Dynamic Pricing feature, powered by AirDNA.

It analyzes real-world demand, offering personalized pricing suggestions for each date from our vast library of over 10 million vacation rentals globally. SmartRates optimizes rates, increases revenue, and positions your property for success with customized recommendations based on real competitor data.

When enabled, Smart Rates are automatically applied to your direct booking website and Airbnb listings.

What is Google Vacation Rentals?

Google Vacation Rentals or GVR is a feature by Google that allows users to search and find vacation rental properties via Google Search.

Hosts with an Amplify (full bookable site) subscription will have their properties listed on Google Vacation Rentals, making it easier for potential guests to discover and book their accommodations.

Is Futurestay integrated with Airbnb?

Yes. Futurestay is integrated with Airbnb. This integration ensures real-time synchronization of rates, calendars, and other property configurations between Futurestay and Airbnb.

Is there a Terms & Conditions form my guests will be required to acknowledge?

Yes. Hosts are provided with a basic Terms & Conditions document which can be customized for each property.

When booking on your Futurestay Direct Booking website, guests are required to electronically acknowledge the Cancellation Policy, Host Terms and Conditions and Futurestay’s Terms of Use at check-out.

What is Enhanced Fraud Detection?

Enhanced Fraud Detection is an automated guest payment screening process powered by Stripe Radar. It assesses guests' records for potential risks and helps prevent fraudulent transactions to ensure secure transactions.

What emails do my guests receive and when?

All guests will receive two auto-generated emails: a reservation confirmation at time of booking and a reservation reminder 2-days prior to check-in.

In the event of a reservation cancellation, a cancellation email will be generated.

Can I work with Futurestay without connecting to AirBNB?

Yes. Integration with AirBNB (or other Channels) is not required. In fact, many hosts use Futurestay for our Direct Booking websites which are integrated with Google Vacation Rentals and sync their listings on other Channels via iCal.

The only feature that requires AirBNB integration is AirDNA’s SmartRates.

Can I use Futurestay if I’m listed on VRBO,, or any other Channel?


Futurestay currently has a direct integration with AirBNB and Google Vacation Rentals which allows you to manage all aspects of your listing in one place (property content, pricing and availability).

Futurestay uses an iCal integration to allow hosts to manage availability across other Channels like VRBO and You’ll manage your content (property details), pricing and reservation payments directly on those sites.


How much does Futurestay cost?

Prices vary based on the plan selected. Available plans and their price are available on our Pricing page.

Futurestay Pricing

What other fees do you charge?

There are no Futurestay fees or commissions on reservations if you’re on the Amplify plan, whether they are booked via your direct booking website or a connected channel.

For Flex plan reservations, there is a $5 fee that can be paid by the guest or host on direct bookings.

For all plans, there is a pass-through of the non-refundable credit card processing fees assessed by our payment processor, Stripe. The Stripe fees apply to all reservations with payments managed through Futurestay and are typically 3% on domestic card charges, 4.5% on international card charges, and a flat $15.00 on credit card disputes.

Do you offer promos and discounts?

Yes! Prices, promotions and available plans vary and are available on our Pricing page.

Futurestay Pricing


How do guest payments work?

Guest charges are processed via Stripe at the time of booking.

How / when do I get paid?

Host transfers are initiated to their Stripe Connect account immediately upon credit card settlement (typically 2 business days after charge). The funds remain protected in your Stripe account until 1 business day after check-in, at which time the Stripe payout to your bank account is initiated.

How is my payout calculated?

Your payout amount is disclosed on each reservation.

The calculations are simple! Guest Total minus any third party reservation product fees. Those fees are currently: $25.00 Waivo Damage Waiver fee and 3 - 4.5% Stripe credit card processing fee.

Getting Started

How do I get started?

Start a free account with Futurestay by signing up here: Sign Up

Will I be assigned an Account Manager after activating my Futurestay account?

Yes, however assistance is not limited to one individual.

After activating your Futurestay account, you will be assigned an Account Manager. Your dedicated Account Manager will assist you with any account, financial or technical needs. If your account manager is not available, any team member will be happy to answer questions.

Can I import my property via Airbnb?

Yes. You’ll be provided an option to Import via AirBNB or Create Properties Manually.

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