Meet Futurestay!

Building a world of automated vacation rentals powered by Smart Connections™

Co-Founder & CEO

S. Philip Kennard

Phil coded and sold his first software at age 15, then bridged gaps between people, product and psychology for Fortune 500s. He doesn’t believe in limits for himself, his team or our industry.

Co-Founder & COO

Jonathan Fabio

Jonathan is a magician when it comes to managing Futurestay’s operational success, while finding time to share his industry experience with teammates to reach their personal goals.

Breaking tech boundaries by working on satellite communications at NASA, Sree leads Futurestay’s engineering team to the next frontier.

Principal Systems Architect

Faber Fedor

Futurestay’s technology guardian, Faber keeps Futurestay’s data secure and is always up-to-date with today’s technology.

Customer Success Specialist

Monique Kandou

As Futurestay’s Smart Connection leader™, Monique works one-on-one with our community to listen to their needs and connect their rentals to the on-demand economy.

Creative Director

Abbi Martinez

Weaving empathy with her design skills, Abbi integrates User Experience into Futurestay’s design and product, while evolving its brand and vision.

Marketing Coordinator

Kristen Martinelli

With a background in literature and entrepreneurship, Kristen is the bridge between Futurestay’s vision, communications, product, and its users.

Lead Developer

Jeremy Gross

Fueled by iced-coffee and a passion for programming, Jeremy leads the development and crafts the intricate web of Smart Connections™ for Futurestay’s channel partners.

Full Stack Product Developer

Kevin Jang

Whether he’s coding Futurestay’s product or dominating a MOBA, Kevin’s pixel-perfect attention to detail and never-say-die attitude means he’s always racking up wins.

Front-End Developer

Dennis Pitcock

Coordinating teams and their use of technology is easy with Dennis’s hospitality management and tech consulting experience.

Back-End Developer

Jeni Patel

Jeni’s winning outlook from her national tennis career (and a Masters in CompSci) help her distill complex technical ideas into clear user products.

Customer Success Specialist

Dovie Mae Pasilan

A natural-born entrepreneur, Dovie imparts her years of experience in business development into Futurestay’s operational support.

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