Webinar: Learn how to optimize your direct booking strategy with Futurestay and StayFi

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February 18, 2022

"Great place! Would definitely stay here again!"

It's one of the most frequent comments left in reviews on platforms like Airbnb or Vrbo, but it's also difficult for short-term rental managers to invite their best guests back for that future stay.

Most industries rely on email or SMS marketing to nurture longterm relationships with their customers and build brand loyalty. When a shopper makes a purchase on an ecommerce website, they provide their email address and phone number at checkout. Although guests provide all of that information on listing platforms, the email address and phone number rarely makes it to the host. Fortunately, there are other tools available for short-term rental managers to collect contact information and build relationships with their guests.

StayFi, Futurestay's newest Business Essentials partner, is a cloud-managed WiFi service that helps property managers increase direct bookings while also providing a custom, seamless internet connection for their current guests.

StayFi captures visitor information like email address or phone number through a captive branded WiFi splash page – similar to what is commonly used in hotels and airports. By prompting guests to enter their name and other information in order to access the Internet, property managers can easily create a database of anyone who has accessed the network at their short-term rental.

The information collected can be added to an email marketing system like Mailchimp in order to easily market your direct booking website and build your brand.

"StayFi has achieved results far beyond what we ever expected," said Dan Glaser, CEO of Heirloom, a rental business that specializes in luxury properties for large groups. "Now we know that every guest knows our brand. We see them come back again and again to experience Heirloom."

StayFi’s mesh WiFi system is easy to install and also allows you to monitor all of your WiFi networks remotely, including receiving outage and occupancy alerts.

Interested in learning how you can pair Futurestay and StayFi for a full direct booking strategy? Join us for a webinar at 2 p.m. EST March 3 as we discuss how to:

  • Create and market a direct booking site to reach more guests
  • Collect the email of every guest who stays at your property
  • Drive direct bookings through branding and email marketing

Don't want to wait? If you're ready to try StayFi now, use code FUTURESTAY for 50% off your first 3 months of service.

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