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NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ – October 23, 2017

Futurestay has provided 40,000+ rental entrepreneurs in over 180 countries with an accessible, powerful, all-in-one dashboard that controls a property everywhere.

Our dashboard gives small and mid-size managers and owners access to the same power and functionality as enterprise pros, without having to cobble together a piecemeal solution. For instance, a PMS + a Website + a Booking Engine + a Channel Manager + ugh…you get the idea.

Over the past three years, we’ve achieved something we were once told was impossible. (Actually, I believe the exact word was “crazy”).

With the Autopilot release, Futurestay makes the first steps towards sharing our greater vision with the world.

We believe that nearly every task associated with managing and renting out your property can be automated.  This leaves you time and energy to focus on the important tasks that can’t and shouldn’t wait. We believe that technology can create The Self-Renting Home™.

Why spend time adjusting payments for modified reservations when you should be greeting guests and making each stay memorable and amazing?

Why waste your energy sending the same check-in, welcome, refund, cancellation, receipt to each guest, when you can save it to give them a true, heartfelt thanks for their stay?

Autopilot automates every interaction that can happen between the time a traveler books a property, to when they show up for their stay. Autopilot automates tasks such as:

  • Chasing down failed balance payments or extended stays.
  • Refunding days removed from a stay.
  • Re-claiming your channel commission when a traveler is a no-show.
  • Keeping all of these modifications 100% updated on all of your other channels.
  • Sending on-brand, professional and polite communications to the traveler, and the channel, every step of the way. It also keeps these interactions recorded in one place.
Autopilot is the world’s first Smart Connection between your property and a channel.

We call it “smart” because it knows every rule, detail, figure and date about your property. Autopilot interacts with the channel and traveler as if you were doing it yourself.

A typical channel connection provided by a channel manager exists to share “rates and dates” between your property and the channel. Sure, it will allow you to accept bookings, but when something “special” happens (failed credit card, modification, refund, cancellation, extension, chargeback) you’re on your own. That means logging into multiple systems, issuing invoices, refunds and emailing everyone, every step of the way, to make sure the guest and the channel stay happy (or at least not angry).

Unfortunately, those “special” cases happen in up to 20% of reservations. This can often keep your rental business focused on resolving customer service headaches instead of creating memorable guest experiences and growing your bottom line.

Last month Futurestay rolled out the Autopilot Smart Connection to for a few hundred properties. The results have been tremendous in terms of time saved, businesses grown (adding properties that manager previously didn’t have bandwidth to deal with) and new bookings generated.

Oh, and did we mention that by connecting with Autopilot boosts your ranking versus a manually managed listing? More bookings, more time to focus on growth, no hassle. What’s not to like?

Today, we’re launching Autopilot to rental entrepreneurs worldwide.

The first step towards the Self-Renting Home™ is here.

About Futurestay

Launched in 2014, Futurestay works with over 100,000+ vacation rental properties in over 120 countries. Futurestay’s Smart Connection™ technology connects everything that matters to a vacation rental business — from listings on channels like HomeAway, Airbnb, VRBO, and — to reservations, calendars, direct websites, and more. With Smart Connections™, rental businesses easily connect to global guests while seamlessly automating guest communications, payments, channel auditing, and more. It’s free to sign up and get started.

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About Futurestay

Futurestay pioneered the first operating system designed to empower rentalpreneurs with the connectivity and automation previously out of reach for everyday people running short-term rentals. Building on its promise to help rentalpreneurs succeed at any stage, Futurestay is so much more than a platform, offering anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit and a room to rent the chance to learn, earn and grow at every stage of their rentalpreneur journey.

For more information about Futurestay: 

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