Automatic Noise Monitoring from NoiseAware

Stop noise complaints before they start – without lifting a finger.

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Consider this: You just received an angry call from the neighbor complaining about noise coming from your short-term rental. What do you do?

Spend time and energy fretting over the best way to approach your guests about the complaint? Grumble as you make the trip to the property to check out the situation yourself? Go back to bed and hope your neighbor doesn't call the police?

If you had activated NoiseAware's smart monitoring solution for your property, it wouldn't even be a question. Your guests would have received an automated SMS as soon as the NoiseAware device detected a rise in volume.NoiseAware helps protect your property by stopping noise complaints before they start.

And thanks to the exclusive Futurestay + NoiseAware integration, you can do it all without lifting a finger.
1 in 200
STR Nights

results in a noise complaint


resolved with automated messages and NoiseAware monitoring


in property damage claims when property managers automated noise monitoring

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How It Works

NoiseAware alerts help avoid potential property damage and resolve problems proactively.

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Request a noise device

From your dashboard, you can request NoiseAware devices for each of your connected properties.

Set your automations

When you're ready to start monitoring, enable NoiseAlerts from your dashboard and SMS messages will start triggering when the NoiseAlert monitor detects volumes too loud.

Enjoy peace of mind

You've worked hard to build your business, so it's important to protect your property.

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“The bigger we got, the more our name got out there. But when guests said, ‘What do you have open?’ I didn’t have a platform to check. Futurestay let me do that, so that I could say to guests, before their stay, ‘We care, we’re here, we’ll take care of you.’ NoiseAware gives me a heads-up so I can monitor my properties when guests are there.”
Morgan Page, Cedar Creek Lake Getaways
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“I run a hair salon in addition to managing my short-term rental, so I needed something that would let me automate as much as possible. Futurestay keeps me organized and makes me more money at the same time. The Smart Rates tool knows that demand is off the charts when there’s a home Notre Dame football game and increases my nightly rate automatically.”
Julia Herschberger, Goshen, Indiana
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"Futurestay was my angel coming from the heavens and saying, 'We have something that can help you and make your life a whole lot easier.' There's somebody that I can reach out to anytime I need help. It's like I have my own little reservation department."
Mary Ann Kaye, Santa Fe, New Mexico
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"I love that we can rent independently on our own website and Futurestay handles all the payment processing for that, because that’s certainly not something I want to do. It’s all automated, which enables us to circumvent some of the other added expenses from an outside property manager.”
Karin Cain, Kiawah Island, South Carolina
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