See how it works!
See how it works!

Get Listed on Google Vacation Rentals, Grow Your Business

Travelers find your property on Google and book directly through your own website checkout page powered by Futurestay

Why getting listed is different than "being on the map"

Google Vacation Rentals is a listing site that drives discovery of your properties and delivers you commission-free direct bookings

Futurestay is an operating system that connects to your existing business and powers it with a direct booking engine that’s already connected to Google Vacation Rentals.


Leverage the world's #1 search engine to power the discovery of your short-term rental business, win more direct website bookings, and gain more control over your guest relationships.


Futurestay powers Google's "Book Now" button to pass travelers through to complete their reservation directly on your own website's check-out page, resulting in a direct booking.