Pricing and Payment Control

Automate deposits, balance payments, and cancellation refunds across all channels.

Never waste your valuable time chasing money again.

Futurestay streamlines all the financial aspects of your short-term rental business. Centralize rate management for all your listings while driving the outcomes you're focused on with dynamic pricing. Automate deposit and refund processing, and get notified only when your attention is actually needed.

Questions about Pricing and Payment Control

How does pricing and payment control work?

Futurestay’s gives you full control over your rates and rules on a per-property basis. This means you can customize rate information to automatically leverage:

- Seasonal and holiday rates: drive demand to your properties, and earn more from your bookings

- Minimum and maximum stays rules: ensure your bookings work for you, not the other way around

- Security deposits: set as a percentage of your rates or as a fixed amount

- Additional fees and taxes: make sure your operating costs are covered and that applicable taxes are collected

- Cancellations and refunds: set your policies and ensure they’re correctly applied for all your properties on every channel.

Mai Catania
Head of Customer Success
Will Futurestay’s pricing and payment control work with my existing listings?

When you connect your existing listings to your Futurestay account, your pricing, rate, payment policy, and related information is mapped over, ensuring your existing listings are centrally managed and correctly updated in real-time. You can update your pricing and payment information at any time in your Futurestay dashboard, and your updates are automatically made to your connected listings and your direct booking website.

Noel Crisostomo
Activations Manager
How will pricing and payment control help my business?

Every inch of the Futurestay dashboard was designed with one goal in mind: To help independent property managers streamline operations while maintaining control over their business. With Futurestay, there’s no need to waste your time chasing down failed credit card payments or sending check-in information to every new guest – it’s all done for you.

Futurestay provides the optimization, automation, payment assurance and analytics you need to scale your short-term rental business without scaling complexity.

Phil Kennard
Co-Founder and CEO

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