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Our Listing Health Score reveals the gap between how your listings are performing now, and how much better they could be doing – and how to make it happen. We'll help you spot the opportunities to optimize each rental listing for maximum visibility and higher bookings.

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Listing Health Score

What do I need to get a Listing Health Score?

Your listing information automatically contributes to your listing health score; you don’t need to do anything, or provide any additional information. Your listing information provides a baseline, and the Futurestay Customer Success team is here for you to ensure: your listings are visible on OTAs; guests can see relevant and attractive photos; and when guests click to view, that your listing is enticing and provides the information that will drive improved booking conversion.

Important information that contributes to your listing health score includes the competitiveness of your pricing in your market, the quality of your properties’ photos, your cancellation policies, whether you offer any types of discounts, the number and amount of the fees you charge, and whether your property is suitable for different types of guests and travelers. There are other factors that impact your listings’ performance depending on the booking channel, and our industry expertise will help you navigate that complexity, with no extra effort or cost. Our team is here to help you take action (and to take action on your behalf) to make sure you get the bookings your business deserves.

Noel Crisostomo
Activations Manager
How will my Listing Health Score help my business?

At Futurestay, we focus on automating tedious tasks while uncovering opportunities for growth in your business. Your Futurestay listing health score highlights opportunities for you to grow your business with specific, actionable improvements to drive better booking performance. With industry expertise in travel booking conversion improvement, and a dedicated Customer Success team to support you every step of the way, Futurestay equips you with the specific information and tactics to ensure that your listings are seen more consistently, clicked more often, and booked for better rates.  

Kristen Cheek
Head of Distribution

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