Introducing Booking.com Online Check-in

In today's complex travel climate, 71% of guests favor accommodations that offer self-serve and contactless experiences over those that don't.

That’s why Futurestay and Booking.com have partnered to empower accommodation providers to deliver great customer experiences using self check-in.

Booking.com online check-in simplifies the process of collecting guest information required for check-in, such as passport/ID information, and sending guests’ check-in instructions to your property.

“Together, we share the vision of a seamless travel experience from start to finish.” -Booking.com

Online check-in saves you time from manually answering questions.  

Plus, it’s integrated with Futurestay, so you can keep all of your guest information in one place.

Collect guest passport and ID details electronically before guests even arrive and give them contactless access to your property.

Once a guest successfully checks-in, you’ll be notified.

Online check-in is translated into 43 languages, and Booking.com automatically sends guests check-in instructions after they book.

That means guests can get into your place with no complications – and you make sure they start their trip off the right way.

Connect your Futurestay Dashboard to your Booking.com account instantly with no upfront cost. Offer seamless check-ins with payments, communications, and availability powered in real-time.

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How Online
Check-in works

Guests receive an email from Booking.com after they make a reservation at your property, prompting them to check in online.

Guests can then enter the information your country requires legally for check-in, such as passport/ID information, using the Booking.com website or Android app.

Once guests submit their information, they’ll be notified that check in was successful and receive instructions on how to enter your property.

Their check-in information will be sent to you through Futurestay.

That means guests can check in with no complications, starting their trip with a positive experience

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